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The City of Murrieta and Loma Linda Medical Center are working together to make Murrieta a forerunner of healthcare innovation in the Southwestern Riverside region. Mayor Rick Gibbs and Peter Baker, Administrator for Loma Linda University Medical Center, talked to CEO Magazine’s Dwight Cromie about attracting healthcare industry and professionals to Murrieta.

“One of the benefits beyond just [Murrieta’s] help with our facility is helping to really build a climate of healthcare innovation,” Peter Baker, administrator of Loma Linda Medical Center.

In 2007, Mayor Gibbs began talks with the CEO of Loma Linda Hospital Ruthita Fike. Loma Linda was looking for a new location where residents and interns could thrive. The only problem- Loma Linda had a limited time schedule of only 6 months to get their project underway. Mayor Gibbs remembers how The City moved them quickly through the process so that they could open in time. Baker remarked, The City was “proactive, engaged and 100% supportive of the development of the program… working with the state and federal governments…” during the process. Loma Linda Medical Center Murrieta was the fastest built hospital in the past ten years according to the state.

With the opening of Loma Linda, Murrieta greatly increased the number of beds, physicians, and surgeries available to residents in the area. Since then, Murrieta has continued to expand. Today Murrieta healthcare services offer more options for families and residents than ever before.

“As the region grows so does the need for medical services,” says Dwight Cromie of California CEO Magazine.

Rady Children’s Health is building in Murrieta and Loma Linda just opened up a new neonatal unit. Kaiser Permanente is opening the first phase of a medical complex in the City with a grand opening on November 2nd. This is good news for Murrieta residents. According to Baker, patients fare better when they receive treatment close to home compared to patients who travel long distances.

Professionals too are realizing the opportunities Murrieta’s emerging healthcare industry has in store for them. Baker says he talks to physicians every day about the benefits of working in Murrieta. He says it’s an easy decision for physicians looking to move here when he tells them about the great schools, low crime rate and quality of life in Murrieta. 

In addition, Inland Empire Magazine just named the Top Doctors in the region and making the list was Murrieta’s own physicians Timothy Elfelt, Joseph Glaser and Robert Keenan.

Murrieta is actively working to provide one-of-a-kind opportunities for healthcare companies and physicians. For example, the first ever genomics sequencing lab in the region is coming to Murrieta. The Genomics Sequencing Lab is part of a growing trend to provide more personalized care to patients. Patients can get their DNA tested and doctors use this information to select the best treatment options for them. The Genomics Sequencing Lab is opening up in collaboration with Loma Linda Medical Center, The City, and The Innovation Center.

For more information on the Genomic Sequencing Lab click the link below:

To see the city update with Mayor Gibbs, Peter Baker and Dwight Cromie click the link below:

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