Franchise Owner Credits Staff and City of Murrieta for Success

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David Beshay of Murrieta, California, has quietly created a restaurant empire by building or acquiring over 200 fast food and casual dining franchise locations since 2006. He is quick to give credit for his success to his nationwide team of managers and employees, as well as the city he calls both his family and corporate home.

Thousands of individuals across the United States have careers as owners of their own fast food franchise businesses. Many of them own and operate several franchises. Few, however, own as many as Murrieta, California-based restaurateur, David Beshay, who owns over 200 restaurants of 3 well-known brands spread throughout 8 states.

Mr. Beshay is the owner of Beshay Foods, Inc., also recognized as Beshay Enterprises, a corporation that oversees the management and operations of 180 Jack-in-the-Box restaurants, 5 Corner Bakery Cafes, and now, 33 Denny’s locations nationwide.

In an interview with “California CEO,” Mr. Beshay gives much of the credit for his success to his employees. “You can’t manage that many restaurants without having some amazing people working for you, so you start out with the quality of the individual, their experience in the business, but also their passion for the brand. They have to love what they’re doing,” he said.


Beshay’s own passion for the restaurant business and the Jack-in-the-Box brand began when he managed his first store for the company in 1991. He quickly moved up through the ranks to regional franchise director. In 2006, he began to build his empire with the ownership of his first 5 Jack-in-the-Box locations. In the short span of time since then, he has built and acquired 213 additional restaurant properties to include units in the casual dining sector (Denny’s) and fast casual space (Corner Bakery).  Beshay says his philosophy of running a business remains the same across all the brands he manages.

“In my case, it’s about people. I call it the ‘service profit chain.’ You hire great people. You train them well. You create an environment for them that they’re excited about working there. They’re motivated about being there, and they treat the guests with respect. They treat others with respect, and you treat them like you want to be treated.” Beshay continued, “In return, the motivated employee is going to provide great service, the customer will keep coming back, profitability goes up, and therefore, you’re able to pass that profitability back to the employees.”

In addition to the value he places on human capital, Beshay also credits the City of Murrieta for his company’s rapid growth.  He and his family have called the city home since relocating there from the City of Brea in 2000.  “The City of Murrieta has been very welcoming. From the time we submitted the application to the time that they helped us to build restaurants and right now, through the process of building my headquarters. Very, very welcoming city.  I do business throughout the country in 8 different states. I deal with different municipalities, and some cities are really difficult to deal with as far as the processes and systems and delays and fees. Murrieta is a city that welcomes opportunities, welcomes growth, welcomes businesses. I know the people there. They can move the process along. They’re very pro-business and pro-growth.”


One of the people he knows at the city is Bruce Coleman, Murrieta’s Economic Development Director, who personally welcomed Beshay with open arms. “As soon as put my application in, Bruce reached out to me. He actually took me throughout the City of Murrieta, and showed me all the development that was coming up, what’s happening in the city, and what the future of the city holds.”

A new 20,000 square foot corporate headquarters office is under construction near Murrieta City Hall and will soon add another 20 jobs to the thousands already created by his restaurants, but Beshay isn’t stopping there. He has plans to develop more locations in those states where he currently operates.

Jeff Allen

Murrieta Innovation Center

For more information Contact
Bruce Coleman
Economic Development Director
(951) 461-6021 office
(909) 557-7660 cell


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