Daniel’s Electric Working With The IBEW And IEETC

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Daniel’s Electrical Construction Company, Inc. never shies away from a big job.  The Fontana-based contractor knows it can tap into the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and Inland Empire Electrical Training Center to quickly hire qualified union apprentices and journeymen to do the job right, on time and in budget.

Daniel’s Electric President, Thomas Ispas, frankly acknowledges the IBEW and IEETC has significantly helped his company meet the demands of many big projects, such as the construction of a new two-story media arts building at Perris Union High School.

“With the IBEW and IEETC we are able to request additional apprentices or journeyman for hire to fill any needs we may have quite literally the next day,” Ispas said.  “Without them, we would have to go to another training facility that may not consider us a priority when we need to fill a vacancy.”

The San Bernardino-based training center is a partnership between the Southern Sierras Chapter of National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Locals 440 and 477.    It’s funded through a private cooperative effort between labor and management.

Ispas added the ability to quickly expand its workforce when needed has helped Daniel’s build a reputation of providing quality craftsmanship at local school districts on any of their new or existing electrical needs.

In the case of the Perris Union High School project, Daniel’s Electric was tasked with helping build a new media arts center, a new satellite kitchen, and modernizing the locker room building,

“The project has consisted of multiple phases of bidding and construction that have overlapping timelines involving different engineers,” Ispas said.   “This complexity is something that requires us to keep both projects engineer’s specific requirements in mind as well as coordination with the various trades of both projects in a confined space — all while school is still going on around the project site.”

Ispas said he is also especially proud of the work Daniel’s Electric has done on the Mt. San Antonio College Business and Computer Technology complex in Walnut.   The project calls for an 87,000 square-foot complex comprised of three buildings including new technology-based classrooms, lab-based learning environments and a student-run restaurant.  It’s due to be completed this year.

“These buildings are remarkable in that they are equipped with the latest in today’s lighting controls.   Each circuit is monitored for its usage, each room is monitored for activity and light levels, and reliable backup power is available in case of emergency via a battery backup system,” Ispas said.

He called the project an example of how technology can be integrated into an electrical system to allow the college to monitor and control its energy usage and make any changes needed to run it as efficiently as possible.

The progressive and green company, founded in 1973, has a long list of public projects it has completed with highly skilled union labor which Ispas called one of the strongest foundation blocks the business is built on.

But Daniel’s Electric has a few other beliefs embedded in its foundation.  The company’s website states that “With the right clients; dreams develop into projects.  With the right employees; projects take on a pride of ownership. With an eye on teamwork; a sustainable future is built.”

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