7 Basic Rules To Get Your Content Marketing Strategy Started

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Devising a content marketing strategy can be difficult, plan ahead with these rules for a high-ranking website.

BY Alexandria Nardoni

Before we begin exploring the world of content marketing and your business’ website, I want to tell you how important Quality Content is on your website and how it directly relates to search engine optimization. When SEO first became the hot topic for marketing your business online, on-page SEO techniques were easily manipulated to help a webpage rank high. One of the most popular tricks was “Keyword stuffing”, which involved a webmaster, or a writer hired by the webmaster, to write with the intent of filling up your content with the most popular keywords. However, this trick created poor quality content that was rushed out in masses to simply help the business’ page rank high.

Instead of being penalized by the search engines by trying to cut corners, do things the right way the first time by following these 7 Basic Rules To Get Your Content Marketing Strategy Started.


RULE #1: Find Out What The Search Engines Tell You About Content

I know I may sound like a broken-record for the amount of times I stress how important QUALITY is over QUANTITY. But it is true and extremely important that any person marketing their business online must understand. If we take a peek at Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, we will see what Google considers as quality content. It is pretty simple, right? “Create a useful information-rich site”- in other words, create content your customers can actually care about, you need to ask yourself think “what do they want to see?”

RULE #2: Think about the words people use to search

This is a touchy subject, just because of what I had mentioned earlier about manipulating content to ONLY optimize a webpage for search engine results rather than to optimize them for the visitors’ experience. Think about these words, it is OK to place them in your content just remember that your content is meant to satisfy the intent for which WHY these words were searched for in the first place. Trust me, there is no way around it. Thanks to bounce rates and time spent on the site- Search Engines will know if your webpage is providing quality content based on these factors.

RULE #3: Choosing Text Over Fancy Graphics For identifying Pages, Links, Content and Names

Search Engine crawlers cannot read text that has been laid out on an image. Sure, I personal think this practice looks nice- in print. But it is a techniques more useful in print not online, so for online marketing if you have an important name- like your business’ name but it is only represented on the webpage in a picture or within a logo- it will not show up to the search engine crawler and therefore-will not exist. So in terms of ranking high, try to use text instead of text on images. If you feel that you MUST, then provide an ALT tag to accompany your image.


RULE #4: BE descriptive with your Title or Headline

Boring does not sell, so make sure your headlines and titles for each post of content you create are descriptive, attention-grabbing and lastly- has some qualifying search term in it that you know your target audience will search for. Sometimes titles are the easiest tweak for achieving a high click-through rate, OR CTR. Keep in mind, a long eloquent title sounds nice but it will not fully appear in the SERPs (search engine results pages). So the most important part to your descriptive title or headline is to try and make it under 70 characters in length.

RULE #5: Don’t forget a description or summary

Whether it is in your meta-description (off-page SEO) or within your content, a perfectly written 160-charcter description about that specific piece of content will help increase your CTR and page rank. These descriptions or the snippets of text on a SERPS that show after the title and URL.

RULE #6: Make Content for your users, not the search engines

An obvious tone that has been felt through this whole video- make the page useful for the visitor and not just for the search engine. If you really think and focus on this you will always be on the right path for creating quality content.


RULE #7: Smash the Competition- make your website stand out in your field

Regardless of what type of business you own, you should always observe what your competition is creating. This is one of those things where it is all up to you or whoever you hire to help brand and market your business online. Every piece of content you publish, if you follow the basic rules is bound to make you stand out in your niche. You want your webpage to contribute something unique, engaging and valuable to your audience so that they will click your webpage over someone else’s.

Creating quality content is the crux to a successful digital marketing strategy, stay tuned for more valuable tips and advice on Content Marketing with Altek Media Group.

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