Non-Profit Showcase: Diaz Discusses Riverside Police Foundation

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The Non-Profit Showcase Features the Riverside Police Foundation

Riverside Chief of Police Sergio Diaz sat down with Non-Profit Showcase host Kerry Pendergast to discuss the role the Riverside Police Foundation’s outreach programs in the lives of local youth.

During the interview, Diaz outlined the Riverside Police Foundation’s commitment to youth via varying programs, including the Explorer Scouts, OWE (Opportunities with Education), and other outreach programs. For instance, the Riverside Police Foundation sponsors the Riverside Youth Judo Club, the #2 United States Judo Association Club in the country.

By creating successful partnerships within the community and forging positive relationships with youth, the Riverside Police Foundation is able to help prepare kids of all ages for successful futures.

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“You don’t see a lot of college grads knocking over liquor stores,” said Diaz. “We all want what’s best for our kids.”

With various programs in place and by sponsoring various community programs, local law enforcement instills values, education, self-improvement, self-discipline, responsibility, and reverence for the law. Through the Riverside Police Foundation, anyone can volunteer, offer donations, or explore sponsorship or partnership opportunities.

While Diaz is committed to the safety of Riverside, he is also dedicated to the area’s youth. “I think our city will be safer in many ways if our young people reach their full potential,” said Diaz. “I want to see it truly institutionalized to the point that no matter who the chief is or who’s in the department or city hall, there’s no question that we need a police foundation to do that work and that we support it…and that everybody in the city supports it.”

The Riverside Police Foundation is unique because law enforcement personnel are working one-on-one with youth and parents, strengthening the bonds between police and people throughout the area.

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From the youth council to judo and karate to the Explorer Scouts, the Riverside Police Foundation underscores the need for youth to gain higher education while respecting themselves and others. All of the outreach programs set forth by the foundation hone in on setting forth pillars of honor, integrity, honesty, and other values that will lead to an enriched path in life.

Diaz says he is very proud of the Explorer Scouts and the judo programs. Youth within the Explorer Scouts typically come from challenged backgrounds and choose to pave the path towards a potential career in law enforcement through the program, and the judo program has grown exponentially thanks to the hard work of volunteers.

The full interview can be seen at More information about the Riverside Police Foundation can be found at

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