A Pioneer in the Aerospace Arena: Stretch Forming Corporation

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Stretch Forming Corporation, A Pioneer In The Aerospace Arena

MARCH 2, 2016 – PerrisScope recently featured Stretch Forming Corporation CEO Brian Geary, who sat down with host Jeff Allen to discuss the metal forming company’s history, competitive edge, and reasons for choosing a location in the city of Perris, CA.

Stretch Forming Corporation is a 45-year old metal manufacturing pioneer specializing in the aerospace arena. As the company’s name implies, they are experts in creating build-to-print skins, profiles, and other contoured metals for the aerospace and other industries. While they mostly offer solutions for aircraft, other industries served include automotive, signage, and more.


During the latest edition of PerrisScope, Geary discussed some of the keys to his company’s success. For instance, offering in-house systems and processes, driving down overhead, and staying ahead of competition with 100% privately owned forming equipment that performs to customer demands are just a few ways that Stretch Forming Corporation remains successful.

“We have more forming equipment than most larger, publicly held competitors…We can be very nimble. The industry can be very demanding,” he said.

Another way the company enjoys positive growth, according to Geary, is by making smart hiring choices.

Geary decided to locate the company to the city of Perris in 2009-2010 when looking for a larger facility. After meeting with the economic development director and city manager, he enjoyed the positivity and cooperation he was greeted with, and he was also offered a bargain price on the 100,000 square foot facility and 15 acres where the company now sits.

Geary says that he’s also enjoyed working with the city because they seem to understand how businesses operate with a sense of urgency. Other factors behind the decision include the low housing costs in Perris and the fact that local workers only have to commute a few minutes to work.

According to Geary, he has vendors who travel from Orange County and Los Angeles. “They look at what we have. They look at the space. They look at the house pricing. They look at the labor market, and they say if they had to do it over again, they would be out here,” he said.

Southern California is also an aerospace center, giving Stretch Forming Corporation easy access to vendors, customers, and subcontractors in the area. The central location in Perris also makes it easy for customers from around the world to visit.

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Over the next 5 years, Stretch Forming Corporation will hire 20-40 new employees, build a new 50,000 square foot facility on their 15 acre property, and continue to expand their machine shop with additional CNC 3, 4 and 5-Axis machines. In house machining centers recently added include their new 5-axis 30’ x 10’ DMS and Cincinnati 5-axis Gantry 30’ x 10’ x 4’ which complements their existing equipment to better serve their tier one customers. All-in-all, the changes will result in a 50% increase in productivity and services that SFC provides.

For more information Contact
Michael McDermott
Redevelopment & Economic Development Manager
Phone: (951) 943-6100 ext. 277

More information about the company can be found at http://www.stretchformingcorp.com/.

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