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Engaged Employees                                 The leaders of high performing

        Generate Massive Profits                               companies that Schelsinger studied
                                                               valued the following characteristics
                                                               that were different from traditional
                                                               management models

                                                               •       Encouraging use of language
                                                               using words that encouraged, dignified
                                                               and respected their employees.

                                                               •       More time listening then
                                                               telling  Listened to everyone in the
                                                               organization by going to the front line
                                                               or requiring other leaders to spend time
                                                               on the frontline.

                                                               •       Clarification of values.  Defined
     The most important determinant of                         shaped and used core values internally
     profit and growth are customer loyalty                    and demonstrated what they believed
     and satisfaction, factors that directly                   in what they said and did on the job.
     relate to employee satisfaction and the
     loyalty and productivity that go with it.                 •       Propagation of values.  The values
     Companies that focus on the way they                      that were the means to an end result
     hire, train and treat employees are                       for the business vision and mission.
     more profitable,” according to Harvard                    Ultimately it leads to the companys’
     Professor Leonard Schlesinger,                            success in the marketplace.

            His research found that these                      •       Empowered their employees
     organizations experienced:                                with the authority and responsibility to

     •      50% increases in service quality                   satisfy the customer by giving them the
                                                               latitude to do their job effectively
     and customer satisfaction

                                                               •       Assurance of dignity Their power
     •      Growth rates of 60% greater than                   to lead came from the “dignity” they
     competitors                                               fostered for all the people around them.

     •      Return on sales of 200% greater
     than their competitors                                    BY Ray Anderson

     •      Return on assets 150% greater
     than their competitors

     Good-Hearted Leadership, as I’ve
     come to define people-oriented
     business traits, provides the intangible
     that generates extraordinary tangible
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