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Daniel’s Electric Working With The IBEW And IEETC

            Daniel’s Electrical Construction                           Daniel’s Electric President,
     Company, Inc. never shies away                            Thomas Ispas, frankly acknowledges
     from a big job.  The Fontana-based                        the IBEW and IEETC has significantly
     contractor knows it can tap into the                      helped his company meet the
     International Brotherhood of Electrical                   demands of many big projects, such
     Workers (IBEW) and Inland Empire                          as the construction of a new two-story
     Electrical Training Center to quickly                     media arts building at Perris Union High
     hire qualified union apprentices and                      School.
     journeymen to do the job right, on time
     and in budget.                                                    “With the IBEW and IEETC we
                                                                                     are able to request
            No public project            “With the IEETC we                          additional apprentices
                                         are able to request
     is too big for Fontana-                                                         or journeyman for hire
     based Daniel’s Electrical           additional apprentices                      to fill any needs we may
     Construction Company,               or journeyman for hire                      have quite literally the
     Inc.   The company’s                to fill any needs we may                    next day,” Ispas said.
     chief knows he can tap              have quite literally the                    “Without them, we would
     into the International              next day.  Without them,                    have to go to another
     Brotherhood of Electrical           we would have to go to                      training facility that may
     Workers (IBEW)  and                 another training facility                   not consider us a priority
     Inland Empire Electrical            that may not consider                       when we need to fill a
     Training Center to                                                              vacancy.”
     quickly hire qualified              us a priority when we
     union apprentices and               need to fill a vacancy.”                     The San Bernardino-
     journeymen to do the                                                            based training center
     job right, one time and in                                                      is a partnership
     budget.                                                   between the Southern Sierras Chapter
                                                               of National Electrical Contractors
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