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straight for Los Angeles to open shop
                                                               and start implementing his vision into

                                                                       Currently, the team at M-Rad
                                                               are working on projects around the
                                                               globe, from apartment buildings in Los
                                                               Angeles to a private members club
                                                               in Philadelphia, to a boutique hotel in
                                                               Taipei. They have created designs for
                                                               mixed-use towers, luxury hotels, sports
                                                               parks, and more.
     Matthew Rosenberg
     Founder, M-Rad Architecture + Design                      By Cher Murphy

     •      Post-architecture. During this
     phase, M-Rad creates unique branding
     for the property which increases the
     value of each of project through brand
     recognition.  A designated scent and
     specific furniture and product line
     are established which transitions the
     project from a building to an enhanced
     experience. M-Rad also maintains the
     marketing of the property throughout
     the building’s lifecycle.

            “I saw a lifetime of struggle
     ahead and realized I had to make a
     drastic change to the way the industry
     was operating,” added Rosenberg.
     “The scope had become so small for
     architects that the logical solution was
     to do the opposite.”

            Rosenberg, who was born and
     raised in Saskatoon, Canada, spent
     nine years studying architecture
     and environmental design. He has
     traveled all over the world to study
     structures and cultures which inspire
     him. Rosenberg has earned bachelor’s
     degrees in fine arts and environmental
     design in architecture, as well as a
     master’s degree in architecture. When
     he was ready to bring his architectural
     influence back to the West, he headed
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