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Albert Einstein once said “Learn                   founder of M-Rad Architecture +
     from yesterday, live for today, hope for                  Design, located in Los Angeles.
     tomorrow. The important thing is not to                   “Architecture has kept its distance
     stop questioning.” While architecture                     from the early stages of the real estate
     has seen many changes over time,                          cycle which has been the number one
     through various periods in history, it                    vulnerability of the industry.”
     takes a visionary to lead the industry
     to the next level. Matthew Rosenberg                                     Over the past fifty years,
     is a designer and                                                               architects have become
     entrepreneur who set                     Architecture has                       increasingly more
     out to revolutionize the              been struggling for                       specialized, unloading
     industry of architecture                                                        many of the elements
     and change history.                  half a century. It has  they once used to be
     By studying industry                  been heavily reliant                      responsible for. This has
     inefficiencies and                                                              happened for several
     identifying potential                   on unpredictable                        reasons, the two most
     solutions, he has                                markets                        prominent being the
     developed a new                                                                 complexity of buildings
     business model for                                                              and the increase in
     architects and designers around the                       liability and legal aggression in the
     world. This unique perspective will                       industry. While Rosenberg understands
     create a strong platform for architects                   the risks, implications, and push-back in
     while ensuring cities of the future are                   creating a business model completely
     resilient and adaptable to evolving                       opposite of the industry standard, he
     cultures and technologies.                                strongly believes the outcome will
                                                               be well worth the efforts. Rosenberg
            “Architecture has been struggling                  foresees his business model providing
     for half a century. It has been heavily                   the opportunity for architects to be fairly
     reliant on unpredictable markets,”                        compensated and take equity in the
     explains Matthew Rosenberg, the                           projects they are working on, therefore
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